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Details: Humanities 1500 is available for use by CHASS DEPARTMENTS ONLY. This usage change is effective March 28, 2012. Use for academic classes is not permitted. Standard set up seats 48 people classroom style.

Maximum Capacity: 48

Minimum Reservation Length: 15 minutes

Rate Amount: Charge Rate (20.00) Regular - $20.00

ROOM RATE:  The rate for use of Humanities 1500 is $20.00 per hour in full hour increments only.  It is necessary for the user to include all necessary set-up and clean-up time in the amount of time requested.  An additional clean-up fee will be assessed if the room is not returned to the condition set forth in the  "Room Set-up and Clean-up" paragraph below.

ROOM SET-UP: The standard set-up for the room is classroom style for 50. Theater-style set up seats 100 people and must be requested in advance through Physical Plant at the requesting department's expense. The room must be left in the standard set-up configuration after the event.  An additional fee of a minimum of $50.00 will be charged if the room is not in the standard set-up. Facility Users and/or organization(s) assume full responsibility for any damage to building/room, furnishings or equipment.

ROOM CLEAN-UP:  Users must do their own set-up and clean-up.  Tables are to be wiped off and the floor left clean.  An additional fee of a minimum of $45.00 will be charged if the room is left dirty.  If catering is used, they need to clean up immediately following the scheduled event. Catering does not clean up the tables or floors. Make sure you schedule adequate time for set-up and clean-up. HMNSS 1500 is not swept and mopped by custodial unless requested and paid by recharge.

SUPPLIES:  User must bring all supplies (i.e., chalk, erasers, and clean-up supplies and paper towels).  No supplies are available.

LATE RETURN OF KEY:  There will be a charge if the key is not returned before 5:00 pm on the next business day following the scheduled event.

SCHEDULING: CHA&SS Dean's Office has scheduling priority.  All reservations are subject to rescheduling at any time.

PAYMENT BY CASH/CHECK:  Payment made by cash or check must be received in advance of the scheduled event.

EVENING AND WEEKEND USE:  The conference room is available evenings and weekends.  It is necessary for the user to make arrangements to pick up the key during regular College business hours.  The key must be returned by 8:30 a.m. the first workday following the event.  To ensure that restroom facilities are available for weekend events, it is necessary to have confirmation of reservation no later than Thursday preceding the event so that Campus Police may be notified to open the restroom facilities.


  1. Any activity conducted will be in accordance with all pertinent University regulations and policies, as well as any applicable Federal, State, and local statutes, and will be supervised by and the responsibility of the sponsoring department.
  2. Rooms must be returned to the original seating arrangement and must be cleaned up after use, or a clean-up fee will be charged accordingly.
  3. Facility Users and/or organization(s) assume full responsibility for any damage to building/room, furnishings, equipment or facilities.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Departments,  including CHASS Departments, will be charged the full room use fee if cancellation is not made 24 hours prior to time of reservation.